The Gospel in the Life of Moses: Our Grumbling and God's Goodness

After God saves Israel from the threat of Egyptian forces and the danger of the Red Sea, we expect there to be a honeymoon period of great trust and delight. Unfortunately, three days later we pick up the story and all is not well. These stories teach us what it is like for God to lead and parent an infant people as they highlight the grumbling of the infant people of God and the goodness God shows them anyway, patiently and kindly trying to help them grow up into who they are meant to be.

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The Gospel in the Life of Moses: Seeing the Glory of God

As they approach the Red Sea and then hear the armies of Egypt approaching, the people of God see trouble in front and trouble behind. Their panic and cries reveal that they are blind to the sight of God.

So often, we too feel stuck; seeing trouble on the left and the right, trouble in front and behind, but unable to see God. There’s plenty of things that keep us from seeing God, but this story exposes how our fear blinds us to the reality of God.

Will God stay away or show His face?

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The Gospel in the Life of Moses: Beholding God's Justice in the Passover

In the yearly celebration of the Passover, as the lamb was sacrificed, roasted, and eaten, Israel was being told, “Behold your God.” More specifically, Israel was being told, Behold the justice of your God. This sermon looks at the event of the first Passover, and calls us to behold the justice of God, to see how the Justice of God is about making things right. 

As we look upon the Passover and behold His justice, we see three things. 

The Justice of God comes at a great cost. 

The Justice of God calls us to make things right. 

The Justice of God creates a new people 

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The Gospel in the Life of Moses: God's Call on Your Life

Any call worth undertaking is going to feel big, and it is going to be hard. We ought to be jolted in some way because we believe God intends for us to take meaningful action and risk for those who suffer in some way. Like Moses, we are called forth out of withdrawal into something better, something more, by the Christ who has done so much for us; we are called to take steps into the real world where people hurt, helping to move individuals, communities, ultimately all of humanity towards that sweet spot of God’s call that Jesus embodies and points us to.

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