An Audience of One

How do you react when you are worried about what somebody else thinks of you? If you are like me, the concern over what other people think is a powerful one, and it usually leads me to live a less full life. This concern with what other people think of us is so powerful that we must take into account how it even affects our practices of faith. As Jesus shows us, the need to impress others can have a strong influence on our motivations even for pious things like giving, praying, and fasting. Whenever we live based on what other people think, we won’t get what we want out of it. But if God sees us, and God loves us, we are freed in a way that change everything.- how we live, even how we give. 

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A New Kind of People

Jesus wants to show you what kind of people we are meant to become, people who reveal what God is like to the world, and then to help you understand how to become that kind of person, as we give what we have received from God to the world. This message will look at 3 ways in which Jesus describes what we are meant to become…new people who practice telling the truth, going above and beyond, and loving our enemies.

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Better than you Thought

As Jesus transitions to a new section of the Sermon On the Mount, and he begins to unpack the law and its demands on our life, he intends to startle us into asking a tough question: How good do I have to be? To live the flourishing life, to follow Jesus, how good do I have to be?

The answer He gives: Better than you thought…

This sermon begins to unpack what that better life looks like, and how we can hope to live it. 

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Salt and Light

Being salt and light is bringing love and life into the dark and needy world around us. Both metaphors remind us that living the flourishing life includes sharing our flourishing with the world - through sharing the powerful life we have found in Christ, by bringing forth the power of love into a world that is desperate for love,  to offer Christ as we have found Him to a world that is dark and needy. 

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