The Gospel in the Life of Moses: The Birth of a Savior

For the Hebrews under Pharaoh Ramses, there was no escaping the fear and despair, the pain and the problems of life. Hope and courage aren’t exactly in great supply in our day and age, either. 

Like the Hebrews, we’re looking for something, or someone, to give us hope and courage, to help us face tomorrow and to take a step forward. To save us from our fear and despair. 

The story of the birth of Moses gives us some clues about where to look. 

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Walking Closer to God

Walking this path called life, it’s oh so common to look around and wonder what happened to that close relationship with God we have heard about or used to have. Paul wants us to walk closely with God. The passage is in fact a prayer that we would find that closeness with God that we desire and an encouragement to once again take up those practices which nurture our experience of closeness with God. 

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Easter 2018: Transformed

When we need our lives put back together and when we long for the world to be put back together, we need Easter. 

The promise of transformation - from dust to life, from falling apart to being put together - this is the promise of Easter; that what happened to Jesus - being put back together to live forever -  is what God promises to do for His people, and for the world.     

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7 Keys to a Flourishing Life

It’s easier to be a knower than a doer. It’s easier to acquire insight than to put your insight into practice. But a blueprint that stays on a piece of paper doesn’t do a lot of good.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus has given us a blueprint for living a life of flourishing. Now, Jesus is coming to the end of his sermon. He sees his hearers and He knows he has given them a full and impactful blueprint for flourishing. Now, he wants to give them some fuel:  to put the blueprint into action, to turn hearing into doing, to move from insight to activity. 

In his conclusion, he gives us 7 different keys, motivations, and fuel sources to get us not just to understand the flourishing life but to live it! 

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