If you're interested in volunteering to help make our Sunday worship happen or if you've been having trouble getting going with the Planning Center, here are some instructions that will hopefully help make things a little easier. Below are instructions for signing up, as well as for canceling or trading with another volunteer.

Signing Up

First, login to Planning Center. If you haven't ever received an email from Planning Center to set up a user name and pass word, please email Robert at binion.robert.e@gmail.com. He'll gladly get you set up.


Once logged in, you should see a screen that looks like this...

Click, the "sign up" button to volunteer for Sunday morning help

This will take you to the following page. If you scroll to the right, you'll see future weeks. To sign up, just click the "sign up now" button on any particular date that you want to volunteer. If there is a name in that slot and no additional "sign up now" button, then that position already has the number of volunteers that we need for that particular Sunday.

Note, the page may look a little different for you, depending on what volunteer groups you are a part of in the Planning Center's database for our church. So, if you've only ever volunteered for nursery, you won't see an option to sign up to do the scripture reading. But, if you would like to volunteer in an area that you do not see on your sign up page, please email Robert (binion.robert.e@gmail.com) to be added to that group. 


Once you've signed up, you can return to the previous screen by clicking the back arrow next to the Planning Center Services logo at the top left. If you want to know what you're signed up for, this main page for the planning center will show you in the "upcoming plans" section of the page.



Canceling, Rescheduling, or Trading Positions

If you need to cancel, reschedule, or trade positions with someone, you will need to "decline" the particular role you've signed up for, and the other person will need to sign up on his or her own to fill that gap.