Making your Home With Jesus

For many today, especially in the West, the dream is to live a constraint free life. So, there might be room for Jesus - as long as He stays in His place. But, Jesus isn’t asking room for a room in the house; He’s inviting us to something altogether new. If that makes you nervous, listen to find out how this might be Good News for us. 

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The Light of The World

Living in the dark is dangerous. Being without light leaves us disoriented. Having to navigate in darkness is scary. There’s a deeper reality here: just as we are not meant to live in physical darkness, there is a spiritual darkness in the world that is even more dangerous, disorienting, and scary. Jesus faced this darkness, rising to speak. His declaration pierced the ears and hearts of the crowd: I AM the light of the world. What does this mean, and what impact might it have on our lives?

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Beautiful Forgiveness

Have you ever thought about what it takes to really change? For all the ways we want to change, Jesus gives us fuel, and it’s right here for us in this story. With Jesus’ beautiful forgiveness filling her heart, the woman caught in adultery goes to live a new life, and so can we.

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An Easter Encounter with Jesus

Do you ever think much about Holy Saturday? Even if you’ve never thought about the significance of Holy Saturday before, I bet you know what it feels like.

Holy Saturday is the day when it doesn’t seem like things will ever get better. Holy Saturday is the day Jesus laid in the tomb, and nothing happened. Holy Saturday was the day when it seemed that everything we fear had come true. 

Easter is God’s no to our fears, God’s yes to our cries. The wait is long, Holy Saturday hurts and feels like it will never end, but Jesus’ love lasts longer than Holy Saturday, and his power proves stronger than the pain of Holy Saturday. 


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