What do you know about God?

Micah knew the world; he wasn’t shy about naming what he saw; but he also knew God, and he wasn’t shy about rejoicing over what he knew of God.

He’s the same today as He was then. His promises are just as true now as they were then.

When you see the bad news, do you know what Micah knew?

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The Measuring Stick for God's People

These words from Micah provide a measuring stick that we can use today just as Israel used them 2700 years ago. There’s two measurements being taken: our heart commitment to do good to all people and our heart determination to live close to God.

But God, in His grace, has turned this measuring stick from a test into an invitation, to a new kind of living, for the good of the world, and for our closeness to Him.

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The Mystery of History

Is God limited by what appears possible? Can God make a way through the present impossibility in my life? For Israel, for his people now, God opens a new way, but we probably have to let go of something before we can see it.

God invites us to a process of letting go that creates space for newness and growth, as we follow a God who makes a way of life out of death, a way of resurrection out of crucifixion.

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A Better Future

Without a future we can believe in, we try to make our way through the fog of life, often walking in circles, covering the same ground, not getting where we want to go. This promise for a better future comes to us - and it gives us direction and hope.

We want to live into the promise - with eager anticipation, with strength to live like it is true, to imagine a world of generosity, of trust, of goodness. We need this promise to get down deep inside of us, to believe that this promise - and the God behind it - is more true than the fog created by our family turmoil, our tense political climate, our uncertainty about tomorrow.

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A Diagnosis for a Dark Time

Micah is the spiritual physician called in to diagnose a problem that his patients didn’t even see - infection, by the disease of more.

With this disease, our anxiety tells us we don’t have enough, therefore we aren’t enough. So we seek more, no matter what it costs others, and we feel ok about what we are doing because there are spiritual leaders willing to tell us whatever we want to hear.

For those infected, God brings his disruptive grace, urging us to see, "what you need is not more, but Me." And then he transforms us to make us willing to say no to more for ourselves so we can say yes to others.

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