Who are you? Who is He?

Who are you? John 1 is full of a crowd of people asking themselves the same questions you are, and then learning to see themselves as Jesus does, learning to see Jesus as He is. What are you seeing today? Can you see past your performance or your popularity or your past? Can you see that you matter to the one who matters more than anything else?

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Do you know what you are doing, Lord?

"Do you know what you are doing, Lord?"

If we're honest, we have all asked that question. In this sermon, Jim Keener uses the story of Jesus and Lazarus to take us into the heart of this question.

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All in the Family: Mary and Joseph

Jesus does family differently than we do: we don’t invite people to the family Christmas table because we don’t like their sins. Jesus comes to us to save his people from their sins. We exclude the wounded; Jesus came to be wounded. We leave out the messy. Jesus was a magnet for the messy.

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All in the Family: David and Bathsheba

As we walk through the family tree of Jesus, there are two lessons to learn from David and the wife of Uriah.

We’re being warned: don’t blow it like David.

And we’re being invited: the family of Jesus has a place for people who have blown it like David.

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