The Righteous Shall Live by their Faith

We all live by faith. What does the Biblical author Habakkuk mean that the righteous will live by their faith?

Living by faith means we don't have all the answers and we're not in control of life, but we have a life-giving and joy-filled relationship with the One God who is.

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Jesus, Lord of the Party

Parties don’t work well when the wine runs out. 

And it reminds us: whether we are experiencing a party without wine; a car without gas; a bank account without money; a heart without joy; a relationship without love - it’s hard to keep things running when we run out of something vitally important. Whether it is the car or the party or the heart or the relationship, running out makes us feel helpless, ashamed, despairing, sad. 

When we run out, we’re tempted to quit, or look for someone to blame, or give up on the possibility of joy.

This, the first of Jesus’ signs, says he has greater plans and higher hopes than that. Jesus is the Lord of the Party who will do whatever it takes for our joy. 

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Who are you? Who is He?

Who are you? John 1 is full of a crowd of people asking themselves the same questions you are, and then learning to see themselves as Jesus does, learning to see Jesus as He is. What are you seeing today? Can you see past your performance or your popularity or your past? Can you see that you matter to the one who matters more than anything else?

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