Vision: Discovering who we are in Christ

Some really important things can be true, but hidden. Our guilt and our fear and our shame have a way of hiding what is true about who we are in Christ. As a church, we want to see people come together to encounter God on Sunday mornings and live in community in order to discover that we are the beloved of God in Christ.

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Mission: Seeking Transformation

The Bible tells a story of transformation - from a polluted garden to a perfected city. It feels like we are a long way from life in the garden, but it also feels like we’re a long way from a perfected city. But there’s a plan in place for the transformation still to be done. It’s a plan that invites us to get involved today.

The polluted garden is being transformed to a perfected city, so we are called to seek transformation in ourselves and in the world.

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The Gospel in the Life of Moses: Never Forget the Love of God

When our confidence in our faith drops, when we think about the ways we've messed up, or when our worry for the future grows, it helps to remember the love of God.

But what I really need to know is that even if I forget God’s love for me, God never forgets. His memory is better than ours, and His love for his people is written on his heart. It always has been.

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