Do you know what you are doing, Lord?

"Do you know what you are doing, Lord?"

If we're honest, we have all asked that question. In this sermon, Jim Keener uses the story of Jesus and Lazarus to take us into the heart of this question.

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All in the Family: Mary and Joseph

Jesus does family differently than we do: we don’t invite people to the family Christmas table because we don’t like their sins. Jesus comes to us to save his people from their sins. We exclude the wounded; Jesus came to be wounded. We leave out the messy. Jesus was a magnet for the messy.

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All in the Family: David and Bathsheba

As we walk through the family tree of Jesus, there are two lessons to learn from David and the wife of Uriah.

We’re being warned: don’t blow it like David.

And we’re being invited: the family of Jesus has a place for people who have blown it like David.

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All in the Family: Ruth

If you feel empty, it’s tempting to let the light hearted cheeriness of commercial Christmas make you think this season isn’t for you. But gently, God says, it’s for people exactly like you. This story and this season give you permission to ask: Where is God when I am empty?

The promise of Christianity and the message of the book of Ruth: Jesus can relate to whatever emptiness you bring to Him. Jesus puts you in a family that will walk with you through the ongoing emptiness of this life. Jesus guarantees a future where all you will know is fullness.

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All in the Family: Rahab

Who gets to be part of the family of Jesus?

Before Rahab comes through as the hero, before her place in the family is etched in stone, her life was no walk in the park. Her occupation left her own to being constantly victimized. As she faces the loss of her very life, where she chooses to put her faith and trust in this moment will determine everything!

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