The Gospel in the Life of Moses: The Danger of Anger

Anger is a part of life. We have to know how to handle anger to live well. This tragic event in the life of Moses demonstrates that if we don’t give attention to our anger, it has the power to tear us apart.

Moses reveals the devastating affects of bad anger, but this story also gives us clues about how our anger to be transformed.

If we want to see our own anger transformed, we need to talk to the God who forgives our anger towards Him before we talk to the people who make us mad.

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Better than you Thought

As Jesus transitions to a new section of the Sermon On the Mount, and he begins to unpack the law and its demands on our life, he intends to startle us into asking a tough question: How good do I have to be? To live the flourishing life, to follow Jesus, how good do I have to be?

The answer He gives: Better than you thought…

This sermon begins to unpack what that better life looks like, and how we can hope to live it. 

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