The Gospel in the Life of Moses: The Danger of Anger

Anger is a part of life. We have to know how to handle anger to live well. This tragic event in the life of Moses demonstrates that if we don’t give attention to our anger, it has the power to tear us apart.

Moses reveals the devastating affects of bad anger, but this story also gives us clues about how our anger to be transformed.

If we want to see our own anger transformed, we need to talk to the God who forgives our anger towards Him before we talk to the people who make us mad.

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The Gospel in the Life of Moses: The Pain of Betrayal

Relational pain and brokenness are part of our world, and maybe no pain is greater than the pain of betrayal by someone we love. Moses felt that deeply; if you feel that pain or you have caused that pain to someone else, is there any hope?

Betrayal hurts so badly, but the Good News of the Gospel speaks a better word, a word of love so that betrayal doesn’t have to be the last word for our relationships.

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The Gospel in the Life of Moses: How Far is Too Far?

After failing so fully by replacing God with the Golden Calf, the people of Israel faced two temptations: to believe that they were too far gone to come back to God and to believe that their lives would be safer if they moved forward with God at a distance.

This story teaches us the limits of God's grace - there are none! And it shows us that knowing God up close is where the richest life is found.

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The Gospel in the Life of Moses: Replacing God

No more than a month after they had received God's good instructions for how to live a life of love, the people of Israel forgot the Lord was the one good enough to rescue them, and they had replaced Him. But Moses couldn't give up on them; he wanted these people - these hard-headed people - to come to know the Lord like he did - to really know that the Lord was good. So after the people had turned away, when Moses stood and asked, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” he wasn’t calling to the perfect, to the people who had kept all the rules, to the people who had never struggled. No, he was offering a lifeline of grace to people who were in the midst of rebellion. Today, that lifeline of grace goes out again - no matter where you’ve been, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what you’ve replaced the Lord with. The Son of God has taken what you deserve so you can have another chance to know that the Lord is good.

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