Mission: Seeking Transformation

The Bible tells a story of transformation - from a polluted garden to a perfected city. It feels like we are a long way from life in the garden, but it also feels like we’re a long way from a perfected city. But there’s a plan in place for the transformation still to be done. It’s a plan that invites us to get involved today.

The polluted garden is being transformed to a perfected city, so we are called to seek transformation in ourselves and in the world.

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The Gospel in the Life of Moses: A Meeting with God

If you were invited to a meeting with God, what would you expect? A lot depends on who we think God is and what we think about ourselves. Do we think God mean or kind? Do we think ourselves worthless dirt or deserving, accomplished people? 

Israel still knew little about themselves and little about God before this meeting. That was about to change. They come out of the meeting with their world forever changed - with a new job, a new benefits package, and a new boss. 

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The Gospel in the Life of Moses: God's Call on Your Life

Any call worth undertaking is going to feel big, and it is going to be hard. We ought to be jolted in some way because we believe God intends for us to take meaningful action and risk for those who suffer in some way. Like Moses, we are called forth out of withdrawal into something better, something more, by the Christ who has done so much for us; we are called to take steps into the real world where people hurt, helping to move individuals, communities, ultimately all of humanity towards that sweet spot of God’s call that Jesus embodies and points us to.

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Salt and Light

Being salt and light is bringing love and life into the dark and needy world around us. Both metaphors remind us that living the flourishing life includes sharing our flourishing with the world - through sharing the powerful life we have found in Christ, by bringing forth the power of love into a world that is desperate for love,  to offer Christ as we have found Him to a world that is dark and needy. 

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