The Gospel in the Life of Moses: How Far is Too Far?

After failing so fully by replacing God with the Golden Calf, the people of Israel faced two temptations: to believe that they were too far gone to come back to God and to believe that their lives would be safer if they moved forward with God at a distance.

This story teaches us the limits of God's grace - there are none! And it shows us that knowing God up close is where the richest life is found.

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7 Keys to a Flourishing Life

It’s easier to be a knower than a doer. It’s easier to acquire insight than to put your insight into practice. But a blueprint that stays on a piece of paper doesn’t do a lot of good.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus has given us a blueprint for living a life of flourishing. Now, Jesus is coming to the end of his sermon. He sees his hearers and He knows he has given them a full and impactful blueprint for flourishing. Now, he wants to give them some fuel:  to put the blueprint into action, to turn hearing into doing, to move from insight to activity. 

In his conclusion, he gives us 7 different keys, motivations, and fuel sources to get us not just to understand the flourishing life but to live it! 

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Hunger for God

Prayer and fasting are valuable practices that can awaken us from spiritual dullness and enliven us to spiritual growth and nourishment. God gives us these practices because he knows the true depth of our hunger and wants to satisfy us. In this message, we discuss some practical approaches to prayer and fasting and then explore the Gospel motivation to fast and pray. 

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