7 Keys to a Flourishing Life

It’s easier to be a knower than a doer. It’s easier to acquire insight than to put your insight into practice. But a blueprint that stays on a piece of paper doesn’t do a lot of good.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus has given us a blueprint for living a life of flourishing. Now, Jesus is coming to the end of his sermon. He sees his hearers and He knows he has given them a full and impactful blueprint for flourishing. Now, he wants to give them some fuel:  to put the blueprint into action, to turn hearing into doing, to move from insight to activity. 

In his conclusion, he gives us 7 different keys, motivations, and fuel sources to get us not just to understand the flourishing life but to live it! 

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Where's your Treasure?

Matthew 6 provides one of Jesus’ most direct statements about our hearts, causing us to look at  our use of money and what that reveals about our hearts. Jesus wants to help diagnose where our treasure is by asking us to look at our approach to working, spending, and giving. What we find will help us see where our treasure is, and how we see Jesus will determine how we respond to what we find.

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Better than you Thought

As Jesus transitions to a new section of the Sermon On the Mount, and he begins to unpack the law and its demands on our life, he intends to startle us into asking a tough question: How good do I have to be? To live the flourishing life, to follow Jesus, how good do I have to be?

The answer He gives: Better than you thought…

This sermon begins to unpack what that better life looks like, and how we can hope to live it. 

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When Life Feels Empty

How can the empty life also be the flourishing life?

That's the first question raised as we begin looking at the Sermon on the Mount. In this section, Jesus shows us that we flourish when we respond to the emptiness of life by living out virtues like humility, mourning, and meekness while being nourished by God's promise to set everything right. 

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